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March - May 2023 Custom Client Order List

Updated: Mar 4

As you can tell each piece is custom made by my own hands and I run my business of a line placement (1st come 1st served). I focus all my attention on the client so I can get a premium piece of art to y’all. I‘m willing to work with your budget but I’m also going to be very realistic.

I do not just put you on my list if you’re interested in buying something. There is a system in place and I will explain.

First, come with a plan of what you’re looking for be it photos/drawings. Also, have a wood species in mind (prices vary on species). Second, I’ll email you the quote/contract/invoice based on the information above.

This next part is how you get on my list.

A 50% deposit so I can buy material and get placed on the list And the other 50% upon delivery. I’ll keep you updated on what number you are/how the build is going.

Custom Order List

  1. White Oak Dresser x 2/ Nightstands x2

  2. Walnut Bathroom Vanity

  3. 78" Book Shelf

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