Handmade 18 inch Hardwood Plant Stands

Handmade 18 inch Hardwood Plant Stands

Beautiful and sturdy handmade stand to display your indoor plants. Give your plants the perfect place to showcase their beauty or give a great gift for the holidays. This stand is made of cherry, and is available in other hardwoods as well.

The width of 6 inches is the internal dimension at the crossbar.

The joints are secured with a Festool domino. Which means there aren’t any screws. Also, no fasteners required for assembly which means they can be flat packed for shipping. These are also easily stored away for the winter months. Please note if your stand becomes loose at the joint, just slip in a small piece of paper vertically during assembly of the crossbar to tighten the gap. This may occur due to seasonal humidity change

Available in 3 heights  18", 24”, 30”…prices may change due to size and wood species